If you’re tempted to assume that a person is only that which surrounds them, then Geraldine Estevez is here to dismantle that assumption. A Bronxite since her toddler years, Geraldine used the very grungy streets that raised her to catapult her. That fire New Yorkers are so often known for propelled her to move to California when her career wasn’t taking off locally. A year later, she’s back, more determined than ever to help and inspire women just like her, women from impoverished communities, such as the Bronx.



In 2018, Geraldine accepted the Social Reporter role with The Desert Sun, a USA Today Network newspaper in Palm Springs, CA. She covered wildfires, local stories and so much more.


At the start of 2019, Geraldine worked at Cord Media, an advertising agency in Palm Desert, CA. During that time, she helped to build brands in varying industries, including cannabis, real estate and hospitality.


In June, Geraldine leaped once more, returning to her hometown for an incredible opportunity! She now handles communications for The Bronx Democratic Party.


Public Speaking

In 2018, Geraldine took the stage for USA Today Network’s Storytellers Project, where she shared a story of struggle and perseverance, plus the source of her motivation.

I don’t need easy; I can put in the work.

I just need possible.

— Geraldine Estevez

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